Zkittlez Flavor Auto

The Paisa Seeds bets strongly on this auto-flowering version of American genetics, that stole our hearts. Zkittlez Flavor Auto has a wide content of terpenes and fruity flavor, which put us in front of one of thetastiest genetics in the current Cannabic sector.


Zkittlez Flavor Auto is a predominantly Indica plant with a typical candelabra-like growth of this variety, from the American West Coast. Its large and few dark green leaves and long stems are others of the predominant factors of this auto-flowering American strain. Its bearable effect without any heaviness make it one of the most excellence recreational marijuana today. The great breadth and quantity of fruity terpenes of this variety is its strongest point. Marking a time in very tasty cannabis varieties as Nyd Diesel did in its time, or the more than famous Tangie. Every grower today would have to try this autoflowering version of the famous Zkittlez sometime.

Características de las semillas de marihuana Zkittlez Flavor Auto


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