Toroblanco is a classic in our catalog and was created from crossing the famous Critical Bilbo with our White Widow, selection from 98, thus achieving a highly stable, productive, fast hybrid with a high amount of resin and fruity aromas, in some cases incense.


With the idea of offering growers and collectors a plant to match the best Old School varieties. We thought we should cross our White Widow, that we have preserved since 98, with the famous Critical Bilbo, which we have also been conserving for a few years now. In the growth stage this plant shows highly stable and homogeneous specimens and it will not be a problem to control the height indoors. It takes about 20 days to achieve good growth of branches and shoots that will ensure high production, the flowers are dense and compact covered with a thick layer of the most sticky resin. Its aromas are more fruity, in some cases it smells of fermented fruits, without leaving aside a little incense provided by the White Widow. It is a fast producing plant that will be ready withi 55 days.

Características de las semillas de marihuana Toroblanco


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