Tangelato is a cross between Original Tangie from a Private selection of Paisa seeds and our Gelato # 33 from USA. This results in plants with a cookie-like structure and creamy aromas, with a wide range of colors at the end of flowering.


Tangelate has undoubtedly become one of our favorites, due to its creamy aromas and in some very homogeneous phenotypes, makes it a very special plant for the palate. It comes from a cross between Original Tangie and Gelato # 33, resulting in a plant that is almost 70/30, achieving vigorous growth and wide ramifications with short internodes, so that even the low ones will fill with compact and resin-coated flowers. This plant has a sativa growth rate, but as the flora progresses it will express in its flowers the compact and resinous genes of Gelato. In some plants, very Chem aromas can be found and has a strong Tangie flavor, or a homogeneous phenotype a creamy flavor is highlighted as if from an ice cream with subtle orange flavors and aromas. Some are very stimulating, on the tangie side and others will be more relaxing and corporal on the Gelato # 33 side. These seeds have been planted outdoors at more than 2,500 masl and have proven to be highly resistant to cold and humidity. At the end of flowering, its colors make it a spectacle.

Características de las semillas de marihuana Tangelato


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