Super Tangilemon

Super Tangilemon is one of Paisa Seeds' best bets, when looking for new, fast-flowering sativa hybrid. Containing a high content of terpenes and resin with compact and dense flowers. The effect it produces is very intense, to be a sativa and at the same time, it is bearable and linear. Ideal for the consumer who likes to consume marijuana daily. Its intense acidic aromas of mandarin, lime and orange will surely surprise you.


In search of new fast-flowering sativas, Paisa Seeds presents its Super Tangilemon variety. A fast flowering sativa with a high concentration of terpenes. Which is characterized by easy cultivation and easy to manicure. We highly recommend this variety for those starting with self-cultivation. Tangilemon grows strong and fast like almost all current sativa hybrids, its parent genes are Super Lemon Haze and Tangie. Bringing acidic. fruity flavors and smells to the crossing as if it were an orange, tangerine and lime juice. In order to get the most out of the terpenic load of this variety, we recommend organic cultivation or living soil. During the flowering cycle, especially indoors, we recommend the use of an odor filter to maximize risks with the neighbors. During the manicure is when you realize the large amount of resin and terpenes that this variety offer. Its effect is very strong for a sativa but linear without very sharp ups and downs.

Características de las semillas de marihuana Super Tangilemon


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