Somango CBD

Somango CBD is one of the highest indica varieties with CBD from our catalog of Paisa seeds, in which we have used our Somango. This results in low and branched plants for easy control and a very therapeutic effect.


Somango CBD is characterized by its intense flavor of ripe mango, its compact structure and rapid flowering. Crossing it with parents of a high indica dominance in CBD we created a plant with an indica structure, strong and fast flowering and makes it a perfect plant for balconies or terraces. For indoor crops it is an ideal variety for its easy growth control. It is a great producer of buds covered in resin and an intense fruit aroma, becoming intoxicating, a mango flavor characteristic of the mother. Somango CBD has a powerful and relaxed effect, generating heaviness in the body, ideal for resting best to be smoked before going to bed.

Características de las semillas de marihuana Somango CBD


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