Purple Cóndor Auto

With the need to adapt to an emerging market and the demands of growers, at Paisa Seeds we opted to create our own line of auto genetics, using Purple Tangie genes together with Fast Mass Haze, with which we have obtained plants that are easy to grow, with colors and aromas that are quite a delight.


Purple Condor Auto is a variety of easy cultivation and with a flavor, which during its flowering displays its spectacular colors that make it a complete spectacle. It can be harvested in around 80 days after germination. It is a plant that does not require much fertilization and makes it a very suitable variety for beginner growers. Its flavor is sweet with citrus tones and has a relaxing effect, which can be used by therapeutic patients to eliminate pain, combat insomnia and obtain a pleasant physical relaxation.

Características de las semillas de marihuana Purple Cóndor Auto


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