Paisa Auto

Paisa Auto is a feminized and automatic version of the famous Skunk. When smelling its flowers, we find the typical earthy, sour and sweet flavor of the legendary Skunk. These automatic seeds produce very hard buds, covered in whitish resin in less than 75 days from germination.


Paisa Auto is a feminized and automatic version of the most well-known Skunk. This famous variety of marijuana is productive and its greatest virtue is the typical citrus flavors of Skunk. This self-flowering strain arises from the Skunk x Low Ryder cross. Their medium size, fast flowering and rather compact structure make them ideal seeds for all areas and types of crops. This strain is very resistant to all kinds ofpests and fungi. Being an all-rounder for those who start in self-cultivation. Giving vigorous, easy-to- grow plants that automatically flower and develop large, tasty buds.

Características de las semillas de marihuana Paisa Auto


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