Original Tangie

Original Tangie is our version of the famous Tangie, we have made our own selection of Crockett Family Farm's Tangie, which originated from a cross between California Orange and a hybrid Skunk. The result was a widely branched clone, with a relatively short flowering sativa structure and high flower production with the incomparable tangie smell.


Original tangie is made from a selection of Tangie from Crockett Family. Due to its sativa structure, it can be used indoors in sog systems, since it is a widely branched plant and vigorous in its growth, which is enough to give it no more than 20 days of indoor growth for acceptable production. Its sativa-looking flowers and its strong citrus aroma with powerful tangerines, make it undoubtedly one of the most desired in our catalog. The effects are mental, clear and psychoactive making this variety one of the most appropriate to consume during the day without suffering any type of lethargy. Produce will be ready in approx. 55-65 days.

Características de las semillas de marihuana Original Tangie


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