Original Cookies

Original Cookies is our S1 clone version of the Original Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint, since we could not stay without offering one of the most famous varieties nowadays. It forms part of most of the new varieties created in the United States today. Its cookie flavor will leave you intrigued.


Original Girl Scout Cookies has undoubtedly been one of the best creations of the San Francisco Cookies Fam, which quickly achieved recognition under the Cookies brand, being one of the best-selling genetics in dispensaries throughout the USA and from which it has created numerous jewelry. This plant has a compact structure, but its growth is not relatively slow, its dark green color and its shine on the leaves is characteristics of this variety. In flowering, their calyxes quickly begin to overlap and cover themselves with a fine and delicate layer of resin, in which the unmistakable and characteristic smell of freshly baked cookies can be experienced, which is what Yam has made this variety famous. Finishing its flowering, it begins to show its purple, black and reddish tones on its stems, leaves and in some specimens its resin is also stained. The colorations at the tips of their chalices make the finished product a visual attraction. It will be ready around 55-60 days from the fooperiod change.

Características de las semillas de marihuana Original Cookies


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