Monkey Banana

Monkey Banana is one of our best indica, a cross between Banana Og x Banana Kush in which it has been possible to obtain plants with an indica structure, resistant to pests and diseases and most importantly unique aromas and an exceptional resin quality to make all kinds of extractions. Its aromas are extremely sweet, due to its Bubble Gum and Banana genes.


Monkey Banana is a compact and branched plant originating from a cross between Og Banana x Banana Kush. These two lines are very famous and legendary in dispensaries on the West Coast of the United States. It carries genes from Ghost Og, Skunk Haze, Bubblegum and Og Kush. This hybrid has been created to make you fall in love with its smell, flavor of bananas and tropical fruits, and with its high THC content, makes it an exceptional variety. It is a variety with a good capacity to form branches and buds which translates into greater production at harvest time, in addition to having a high tolerance to humidity, which makes it undoubtedly a gem for outdoor.

Características de las semillas de marihuana Monkey Banana


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