Kush CBD

Kush CBD is the highest indica variety in our catalog with a high CBD content. Large leaves with a short internodal distance in pure OG Kush style. This strain is perfect for those looking for an Indica therapeutic effect.


Kush CBD displays the typical growth pattern of a broad-leaved low Indica plant. Typical of Kush but with a more medicinal effect thanks to its 1:1 ratio between THC and CBD. With these values when consuming it, you will experience a relaxed and corporal feeling. Ideal for medicinal patients seeking cannabis relief. Its fast flowering and easy cultivation make it a good variety to grow seeds with high CBD and THC. The Kush CBD flavors are reminiscent of lemon with notes of wood and earth. Its buds are tasty and have great therapeutic potential.

Características de las semillas de marihuana Kush CBD


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