Kayman Kush

Kayman kush is one of the most productive and powerful varieties in our catalog, it was created from crossing our Critical Mass clone with our mother Girl Scout, with which, we have reached an Indica climax as in production, structure, amount of resin, power and speed when harvesting.


Kayman kush is a cross between our Critical Mass with Girl Scout. We managed to combine three of the most famous genetics in the world all-in-one, a combination of Big Bud, Og Kush, and Durban Poison. This makes the plant a very suitable variety for commercial growers looking for the highest yield and the minimum care in growth and flowering. In vegetative we can see how its robust and branched structure is perfect to support the weight of dense and compacted flowers, the aromas range from the sweetest flavor, almost to fermented fruit, to the most earthy kush and the most aniseed og. All of this in addition to one of the characteristics most appreciated by growers, such as speed, harvesting can be ready within 55 days.

Características de las semillas de marihuana Kayman Kush


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