Jaguar Og Auto

Jaguar Og Auto emerges from crossing Auto Og kush with Low Ryder, giving seeds with a very fast and balanced flowering in less than 80 days from germination. With incredible flavors to the purest style Kush but in automatic version.


The team of Paisa Seeds has been working on the Og Kush line for more than a decade. This time we introduce you the feminized seeds of Jaguar Og Auto. An automatic version of the most demanded cannabis line on the west coast of the United States. Jaguar Og Auto arises from crossing Auto Og Kush with Low Ryder. Her compact size makes her a very suitable marijuana plant for growing outdoors or on balconies. These seeds are working very well for customers who had light pollution in their crop and with the auto versions we solved that. For a good production we recommend that you grow it in pots of a minimum of 10 liters and directly in the final pot without transplants. Its lemon and fuel smells, make us be in front of one of the best Og kush in automatic version.

Características de las semillas de marihuana Jaguar Og Auto


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