Jack CBD

Jack CBD is one of Paisa seeds' bets to update the most renowned varieties of the cannabic scene in therapeutic formats. We are releasing strains with THC and CBD ratios of 1/1. This very productive sativa hybrid with a central bud is ideal for indoor growing because of its easy handling. Its smells range from sweet to incense, with lemon tones.


The seeds of Jack CBD come from a genetic cross between Jack Herer x CBD Pure. The result is very vigorous and strong seeds, easy to grow and fast flowering. Her large green leaves hide a jewel to be polished. When we burn her flowers, the smoke of this variety makes us travel years back, and remind us, why this variety was the holy grail of the sativas for many years. Always keeping the sativa and cerebral high that characterizes the jack herer but in cbd version. The taste of Jack CBD is very intense and complex, woody with notes of haze, metal and pine. Its great harvests will not leave any medicinal user without its medicine.

Características de las semillas de marihuana Jack CBD


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