Gold Honey

Gold honey is a hybrid 50% sativa / indica, obtained by crossing Super Choco by Kush del Arriero, the purest sativa and indica in our catalog, this was done to obtain high production plants, flowers with an exceptional quality and, most importantly, that they are resistant to tropical climates. Without a doubt it is a variety so suitable for expert growers as beginners.


When we cross super choco and kush, it gives us plants with vigorous growth, a widely branched structure in the form of fir, with an average internodal distance, which becomes an allied parameter when it comes to avoiding botrytis and lack of air circulation between the branches. This makes this variety, without doubt, one of the most resistant in our catalog and very suitable to grow in tropical areas. Its flavor, is what most called our attention for being so penetrating, which evokes the subtle aroma of the Colombian Oromiel Pineapple.

Características de las semillas de marihuana Gold Honey


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