Gelato # 33

Gelato # 33, also known as Larry Bird, a famous former NBA player, comes from a cross between Girl Scout Cookies x Sunset Sherbert and is one of the Jewels of the San Francisco Cookies Fam that has earned a place in the cannabis scene and is still part of many famous hybrids today.


Gelato has been one of the best creations of the San Francisco Cookies Fam, which has been very well received by the public in the biggest cannabic stages of the world. Gelato #33 was the phenotype chosen and which easily achieved worldwide fame due to its exotic flavor of ice cream sorbet. This variety was born from a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint, which sought to add a new flavor to the Cookies Fam. Gelato #33 presents a compact growth, typical of Indica plants but with a wide ramification, which allows to make formation pruning to optimize spaces, having a short stretch in the pre-flowering phase. In the first two weeks begins to cover with a thin layer of resin and its visual appeal.

Características de las semillas de marihuana Gelato # 33


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