Cookies And Weed

Cookies and Weed is born from crossing two of the genetics that have achieved great success on the cannabis world as Og Kush and Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint have been so far. If you are a lover of kush varieties you can not stay without growing this plant, its flowers are like diamonds, compact, with huge calyxes and its brilliant resin of first quality, which makes this plant a jewel.


This crossing of Og Kush and Cookies Thin Mint is born from the idea of reinforcing the most Kush ancestors contained in the genetic material of both mothers, thus obtaining plants with a completely Indica bearing and structure, short internodes and broad branches in addition to their characteristic dark green color. It is a plant with a slightly slower growth than most crosses made with Girl Scout, but that when it comes to harvesting it compensates us with the more compact flowers that we can appreciate. In flowering, its middle leaves begin to be covered and the giant calyxes provided by Thin Mint are superseded. Its flavors range from the earthier kush and in some specimens an addition of subtle flavor to Cookies.

Características de las semillas de marihuana Cookies And Weed


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