Colombian Fruit

Colombian fruit is characterized by a high production and fast flowering sativa, forming impressive resin coated buds. Variety with high vigor, ideal for lovers of old school Sativas. Forming very compacted flowers and tropical fruit flavors.


Colombian fruit is a mainly Sativa hybrid with vigorous vegetative growth, compact buds, high calyx/leaf ratio and rapid formation of flower buds accompanied by a dense layer of resin, marked aroma and tropical fruit flavor with incense nuances. To reach this variety we use a selection of Multi-Cup-winning Haze from Holland, highlighted for its marked incense flavor, fast and high resin production, crossing it with a very dominant, compact, compact mother, inheriting from this parent the density and hardness.Smoking it will immerse you in a great Sativa effect with a fruity taste with old-school haze backgrounds.

Características de las semillas de marihuana Colombian Fruit


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