Choco Cookies

One of the jewels in our catalog which already has a trophy in Colombia, Choko Cookies. Undoubtedly a variety that can easily be carried to the end, obtaining compact flowers, due to the genetic contribution of Thin Mint Cookies and the most tropical aromas inherited from our Super Choco


When Super Choco and Cookies meet, we can say without precedent that we are facing a jewel that while calmly manicuring it, we can feel that we have top quality flowers in our hands. Its growing structure is quite indica, its dark green leaves and its wide ramification allows us to perform vegetative pruning so that rockets can form in bloom with the most compacted flowers that you can appreciate. Its resin covers the flowers with a thin and abundant layer, which has been highly appreciated when making extractions due to its high percentage return. The aromas are a wide range of tropical terpenes ranging from the most delicate pineapple smell to the most minty cookies.

Características de las semillas de marihuana Choco Cookies


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