Amnesia CBD

Amnesia CBD seeds are a genetic cross between Original Amnesia and Pure CBD, resulting in medicinal plants that still retain the flavor of the original amnesia. Ideal for patients who need an intense medicinal effect, rather than the recreational consumption.


The Paisa Seeds team managed to combine Amnesia Haze with a CBD strain. The result being that these seeds are exemplary with a high sativa genetic percentage and with a very acceptable flowering time. Not exceeding 10 weeks of flowering. Many specimens come out with long, thin leaves with a dark green tone typical of these varieties. Its THC and CBD ratio is 1/1 with an ideal entourage effect to enhance the effects of medicinal cannabis. Amnesia CBD grows fast and vigorous like a good sativa with a good internodal distance. Achieving large and long tails full of whitish resin. The flavor is very similar to Amnesia, a savor of lemon and tropical fruit with hints of wood and Haze.

Características de las semillas de marihuana Amnesia CBD


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